Strophe and Adobe Air Example

January 6, 2010

Ever wanted to use Strophe.js to make desktop applications? One way to do this is to use Adobe Air, which works perfectly with Strophe.

Joshua Lim has written up a nice Strophe on Air example to show people exactly how to do this.

I’ve also done a few experiments with this, and it turns out that making Strophe applications with Air is actually even easier than with standard browsers. The Air environment doesn’t restrict access to the same domain, so you don’t need to use any proxies or Flash-based workarounds for the HTTP binding.

You can also convert any of the current Strophe.js examples to an Air application but creating an appropriate application description XML file for them and switching the BOSH endpoint to be a full URL to a running HTTP binding service.

Hopefully someone will do a similar write up for Titanium.

Strophe and Adobe Air Example - January 6, 2010 - Jack Moffitt