My name is Jack Moffitt, and I enjoy creating software. I work out of my home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Currently I am a Senior Research Engineering Manager at Mozilla where I lead the team working on the Servo browser.

Before Mozilla, I worked at TalkTo, building a way for businesses and their customers to communicate via text messaging. Before that, I helped build massively multiplayer real-time video games for iOS at Grey Area.

I have also founded a number of startups. I built a real-time search engine at Collecta, an online chess community at ChessparkYou might be surprised to learn that these used the same technology under the hood. , and a network of internet radio stations at Greenwitch Internet Radio.

I created or helped create a number of free software and open source projects. My first project was Icecast, a streaming media server, which runs tens of thousands of streams still today.

In search of a royalty-free audio codec for streaming use, I met Monty and started to work on Ogg Vorbis with him, eventually cofounding the Foundation. I am still involved in this work today with Daala. All these efforts exist to create a common, royalty-free, and open standard for multimedia on the Internet.

I was also in an indie pop band called Lousy Robot. I rockedLiterally a rockstar programmer. the keyboards and synthesizers.

I am passionate about software, music, and photography, especially their various combinations.

You may contact via email at jack at, follow me on Twitter at @metajack, or find me on GitHub at

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