Bite-sized XMPP News #1

January 17, 2010

Here’s a collection of interesting XMPP-related updates from the microblogging world this week:

null_hawk31: !xmpp isnt jabber the most amazing message protocol in the world? #

For most use cases, I certainly agree.

jprieur: Reading a paper about the use of XMPP in wireless sensor networks, nice stuff. #

Too bad he didn’t provide a link to the paper. I’d love to hear more.

tinnt: just create XMPP account at does anyone know this protocol? #

I think this person is a little late to the party.

abhishektiwari: XMPP for cloud computing in bioinformatics supporting discovery and invocation of asynchronous web services #

Yet another group that thinks XMPP and cloud computing will go together well.

MatStace: Interesting little app, an xmpp equivalent to mail - quicker than email #sysadmin #

An oldie, but a goodie.

schlebu: 38% of Pidgin users use Jabber/XMPP: #pidgin #jabber #xmpp #

XMPP use is growing more every day. I wonder how many of these are Google Talk accounts?

paulscott56: Sweet! Looks like I will be working on my first XEP soon! XMPP based microblogging standard! #

There already is a start of a microblogging XEP, but it needs a bit of work. It’s always good to have more people working on this.

LarsKasper: @Raevynn Who uses proprietary ICQ nowadays? XMPP/Jabber is the way to go. #

Facebook plans to support XMPP, and I think it’s only a matter of time before the old, proprietary networks cave as well.

flipsasser: Cracking open “Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery.” We’ll see how this goes! #

I hope you enjoy it!

justinmpeterson: Can any #xmpp experts point me toward a great, semi- to brutally-technical introductory primer? No links to #wikipedia (comma) please. #

I don’t think it gets more brutally technical than RFC 3920 and RFC 3921.

rysiekpl: Seems like #identica #xmpp interface is back! Yay! :) #

This was sorely missed while it was gone. Many XMPP folks hang out primarily on Identica, but sometimes the XMPP support there gets the shaft during upgrades.

jayson0429: Wow, 4 days to research, plan, install, configure & turn #openfire XMPP server into a production service. Done, done, done & Done. Love it! #

XMPP is taking over the world, one success story at a time.

krotscheck: … all this time learning LCCS, when instead I can reproduce 95% of what I need via XMPP. #headdesk #

This is exactly why XMPP is achieving success. Why build it again, when so many great extensions are already there?

nyconyco: XSF membership application open: #

I encourage everyone interesting in XMPP to apply. Come help us make the XMPP Standards Foundation even better.

engineeredcomp: If configured correctly, it is almost impossible to take the XMPP based Command & Control system down. SO BE CAREFUL! #

I can’t tell if this is scary or awesome or both.

riffraff: playing with my commute-project xmpp+appengine+iphone. Fun with the first two but damn I can’t wrap my head around this apple thingies #

You heard it first on Twitter folks, XMPP is even easier to use than an iPhone!

jprieur: Book flight and hotel room for the XMPP Summit in Brussels [DONE] #

I hope to see all of you there!

jasonsalas: word back from a major sports network on XMPP after my pitch: “it doesn’t seem like we have a need for [real-time data] at the moment.” #wow #

I find this extremely funny. Most of the sports-related businesses I’ve heard of are all about fast, targeted data delivery. Sounds like an industry designed for pubsub.

will4glookr: Interested in seeing where XMPP is going. It’s the base of Google Wave, Collecta and a few other services I’m pretty excited about. #

I think it’s the basis for the new real-time stack. I expect to see many more services in the future.

REDDITSPAMMOR: #reddit Challenge: Send a XMPP message with as little code as possible.: submitted by themightyn [link] [c… #rulez #

I think expect and netcat would win this contest, but it’s an interesting exercise to think about.

Bite-sized XMPP News #1 - January 17, 2010 - Jack Moffitt